Spring Cleaning with Seventh Generation

I know that I need to take care of our natural resources, but if someone were to tell me to go more natural with my cleaning routine, I may not want to embrace the change.  I love my closet of fresh-smelling, powerful cleaning tools, and some of the more "natural" products on the market seem like they might not work as well.

In a recent challenge to see if I could "green" up my spring cleaning routine (and as a tie-in to the new movie The Lorax), I agreed to replace 3 of my favorite traditional cleaning brands with Seventh Generation brand alternatives.  I chose dish soap, disposable cleaning wipes, and multi-purpose spray.  Here is how it went for me:

1) The wipes were an easy switch.  I have tried the Seventh Generation Disinfecting Wipes in the past and have loved them.  I'm not really sure why I stopped using them (maybe because I couldn't get them at my local grocer), but I immediately remembered what made them my favorite.  They smell terrific, and they are just as strong as the leading wipe.  They also have a wonderful stretchiness to the fibers that make them great for cleaning my microwave.

Wiping down the front (mostly the grimy buttons)...

Getting in those microwave hood vents...

Yep!  It does the job!

2) I also enjoyed the smell of the dish soap.  It really had an essence of lavendar and mint!

Yes, even though I tend to let my dishes sit too long (making them difficult to clean), I found the soap up to the task of handling 7 people's 3 meals and multiple daily snack dishes.  I also was impressed with how many bubbles it initially created.

(The bubbles didn't last as long in the water as my leading brand; it didn't seem to have an effect on how well the soap worked, however.  Grease and grime was wiped clean from my dish, even after the bubbles had disappeared.)

3) Finally, we also tried (and liked) the Disenfecting Multi-Surface Cleaner spray.  This is botanical, and has a disinfecting property found in thyme oil (and also has a lemongrass scent).  I really feel good about using this on the areas that I prepare food on.  Cross-contamination is a fear of mine, and I like to know that I can get rid of the nastiness that causes e-coli and other harmful illnesses.

In addition to trying the cleansers, we read the children The Lorax by Dr. Seuss.  We had read this several times since the movie came out, and they never tire of hearing the story.  As a parent who isn't 100% sold on all the things being done to "save the planet", I do think it is very important to teach our children to be respectful of others, use God's gifts wisely, and clean up after ourselves.  Stewardship is an important character trait that my children must develop, and I think that reviewing these products (as well as The Lorax message) can help bring about a teachable moment for my kids.

Have you tried Seventh Generation products in your home?  What has been your experience?

Find out more about these "Lorax-approved" products at the Seventh Generation website or on Facebook.

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