WWJDII: The WoodCarver on DVD

We love having an ample stock of family-friendly films in the home, especially when they speak to matters of faith.  We recently reviewed WWJDII: The WoodCarver (released March 6), and we found it to be a thoughtful, sweet, and poignant movie.  (We have not seen WWJD the first, however.)

Here's a brief description from the company:

Vivendi Entertainment and Nassar Entertainment. Starring John Ratzenberger (Toy Story Trilogy, “Cheers”), Woody Jeffreys (Double Jeopardy, Valentine) and introducing Dakota Daulby in his first full-length film, The Woodcarver is a thought provoking story about a boy from a broken home that is befriended by a widowed man, the town woodcarver.

While I don't always enjoy "Christian" films (they can be a bit too cheesy for my taste), this movie was a nice blend of "everything-turns-out-OK-in-the-end-if-you-trust-God" and realistic events that are common for our day.  A separated couple and their troubled son seem to be the main story line in this film, but the surprising element is the "wood carver" who is also going through his share of issues.

I really enjoyed the sense of community and forgiveness in this film.  I especially appreciated John Ratzenberger's acting and the fact that every single person in the movie was flawed somehow; it makes for more likable characters.  I will also note that, while there is a "happy ending", it isn't a perfect ending. Consequences are felt through to the very last scene, and even then, it depicts life as a prelude to heaven (and obviously impossible to master.)

This movie deals with themes of divorce, loss of a spouse, and teen rebellion, but it is all done in a tasteful way.  While the action is slower than a young child may appreciate, there is nothing that I would object to my 5 year old seeing.  This film is best enjoyed by kids ages 8 and up, however.

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*Screener received to review.  Opinions are 100% my own.