Big and Small Dogs Love Cesar Cookie Crunchies

I used to consider dog treats an unnecessary expense.  Then I owned "Glenn."  This dog is HUGE; he is over 100 pounds and is a mix of a Great Pyrenees, Bloodhound, and Anatolian Shepherd.  He acts, however, like a lab.  He's full of energy and hard to manage -- but we love him so much!

Because we've trained him using treats, the same ol' generic biscuits don't always grab his attention. When his bloodhound nose smells a critter, for example, or the FedEx man comes up the driveway, we have to think quick to get him to obey before he gets too far into trouble.  When we tried using the Cesar Cookie Crunchies treats this past week, he really did well.

They are small treats, but they smell big! My dog prefers the Rotisserie Chicken Flavor.  They are in cute little shapes that my dog can really crunch!  There are 130 pieces in a bag, which make them the perfect training treat.  You can teach a dog quite a few tricks on one bag!

My little dog really likes them, too, but he is not as much into treats as Glenn.  (I like to give my little dog one treat at a time, and my large dog gets 2-3 at a time.)  I think that regardless of your dog's size, these are a great little small treat to have on hand for anytime you want to reward your pup, reinforce a good behavior, or just to let him know that you love him!  I also think that it's good to remember that treats should be given out sparingly -- so that they seem special when your dog gets them!

My life wouldn't be as full without my dogs.  I feel good when I can show them that they are good dogs -- and treats really help accomplish this.  To learn more about all the products Cesar offers, check out their website!

*I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Cesar and received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.