Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Trial: Part One

I was a bit embarrassed when I got my hair trimmed this month.  My stylist looked at my hair and said "Very dry!" among a few other words I couldn't understand under her mumbled breath.  I rarely do anything that would harm my hair; I don't blow dry but once a month, I almost never flat-iron, and I keep styling products out of the equation.  Because I'm home or working outside on the farm, I just don't have the need for a complicated hair routine!

Her words were a harsh reality that I perhaps needed to invest in some "product".  She brought out a few things I've used in the past with limited results, and I almost bought.  But I reminded myself that I would be trying out Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy this month, and I didn't want to mess up the trial.  I declined.

Returning home, I took some photos of my hair, so you could see what I'm dealing with.  I have very fine hair that I've almost never grown out over my shoulders since I was a teen.  I've had 5 kids, and with each pregnancy, I get a full head of hair -- only to have most of it fall out or break off after delivery.  My youngest is 2, so this is pretty much my hair in its natural form.

As you can see, I'm growing out some layers that make my hair appear frizzy and broken off.  I also wear a pony holder almost every day, so I'm taking great care to use accessories that don't catch my hair or pull at it.  I have more hair than I have in years, but it's flat, fine, and frizzy.

Since these photos were taken, I have been faithfully using the new CLEAR shampoo and conditioner for 4 days, which is designed to nourish my scalp for more healthier hair.  Expect to see the results of changing to these new products for a full week within the next few days (as well as pricing and availability info).  Will it help my frazzled tresses?

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