Getting Your Kids to (Cheerfully) Give to Charity

If you follow most of the methods of getting your kids to manage their money, they almost always involve having your child set aside 10% (or more) for "giving."  This is all well and dandy, and likely a good practice for when they get older, but does it really mean anything to the child?  Do they view it as a tax of sorts?  And do they understand where it goes and how it affects others?

Kids want to be helpful!
If you are unsure as to your child's feelings about giving, now is the best time to ask.  We have been asking our children to volunteer a percentage of their allowance each week to the Blessing Bank on our living room shelf.  We are all in agreement as to where the money will go, and we decide this ahead of time.  This ensures that every time a child puts in a quarter, dime, or dollar, they can feel good knowing that their money is going to be directly affecting another child who doesn't have as much.

The past two times our Blessing Bank got too full, we were in agreement that it would go to the Foodback for the Heartland in Omaha.  It is the bank that provides food supplies to most of the needy in Nebraska -- especially the 300 Food Insecure children in my county alone! (And before you go thinking that 300 kids aren't that many, my county is small.  That number makes up 18.4% of kids!)

When it is time to cash out the bank, I take the money, put it in my bank, and make an online donation to the food bank.  They are very efficient with their resources, so my dollar would buy much more food through them than if I took it to my local grocery store and dropped off a food donation.  The kids get really excited seeing just how many meals a family of 4 can get from their hard work and giving!

Great news!  There is another way your kids can get involved with giving to kids who don't have enough to eat! Regardless of whether they receive allowance, asking kids to help cut the codes from specially-marked packages of select ConAgra brand foods (and then having them enter the codes online) is a great, free way for them to help feed other kids.

To learn more about this fun and free initiative, visit the official Child Hunger Ends Here website.

*Stats provided by the kind folks at ConAgra foods. I am a compensated blogger correspondent for ConAgra's Child Hunger Ends Here campaign, a cause that I am passionately committed to. Opinions and experiences shared here are my own.