Hot Summer Trends on the Cheap: Retro Swimsuits

Swimsuit shopping is a horrible experience.  After 5 kids, it doesn't matter how much weight I lose or how toned I get, I still feel very weird wearing a swimsuit out in public.  Also, when it comes to my 13-year-old's suit, I want her to be stylish but modest -- something that's hard to do with today's suit styles.

Imagine how excited I was, when we found a suit at that very closely resembled one of the suit styles mentioned in a recent Yahoo! article highlighting the hottest bathing suit styles.  Unlike the suits in the article (which were priced between $90 - $190), the Catalina brand retro suiticon at Walmart was priced at less than $35.

Front of suit (in black)

Back of suit (in red)

We ordered this vintage-inspired suit a couple of weeks ago, and I can vouch for how cute it is on my daughter!  I am buying an identical one for myself, and I pleased that this year I managed to find a suit I feel confident in AND that tops the season "hot list."

You can find the vintage look suit at Walmart in black, dot, red, purple, and teal and in S, M, L, and XL.  The swimsuit has over 500 reviews, most of them very positive!  Whether or not you are body conscious, this suit is designed to stay in place and flatter every figure.

What styles of suits do you adore this season?

*This post is not part of any campaign and is my honest opinion.