Our Kids Try Nickelodeon GAK and Floam

GAK and Floam are two of those products that my kids have been begging us to buy since they first saw the commercials on TV.  I have to admit to thinking they were junk at first.  I even worried they would be too messy.  We were able to give both products a try in our home recently to see if my suspicions were accurate.  Here is how our test turned out.

1.  Both products are messy.  Some of the colors (like the red) seem to leave an ooze behind on everything they touch.  Others seem relatively self-contained.  Their annoying characteristics, however, are also what make them so delightful for the kids.  Just be sure to wash your hands before and after playing with them and lay down a wipe-able table cloth on any surface you want to protect.  They aren't supposed to stain, but I don't like to take chances.

2.  The GAK was more fun that the Floam.  The GAK could have a straw inserted into it to create an air bubble, which is how my kids spent most of their time using the stuff.  The FLOAM was fun for awhile, but didn't have the kids returning as often as the GAK.  (Squishy flatulence noises won out every time.)

3.  They are hard to remove from their containers and even more difficult to get back in.  The consistency of the product made it hard to get out the first time.  (The yellow required some scraping.)  The shape of the containers made it impossible for the kids to get the stuff back in on their own, and I had some trouble.

We kept getting the corners of the containers full of air and had a difficult time getting the lid on.  Maybe a simple round container would work better?

Aside from the toddler shrieking at the top of his lungs because he couldn't participate, our review of these products went well.  The kids had their own ways to play, and they do ask to get the GAK and Floam out as much as they do typical modeling doughs.

You can find both products at their sites: www.floam.com and www.gak-is-back.com

*Samples were received from Child's Play PR for us to review.  Opinions are 100% our own.