The Perfect Beer Batter for Fish

It's almost Mother's Day, and all I really wanted was some good fish.  My family really doesn't like fish, so I'm on my own when it comes to cooking and eating it.  I picked up some frozen catfish fillets from our local grocer, because we really don't think fishing in our river is the healthiest thing to do (we had a flood last year.)  It ended up being pretty delicious, thanks to this simple beer batter for fish.

Start with your fish fillets (frozen or fresh will do); make sure they are thawed:

Make up your two batter bowls.  One should be a mixture of half corn meal (white works nicely) and half flour.  Season this with salt and pepper (or a nice lemon pepper seasoning).  The other bowl should be a mixture of 1 egg per 6 ounces of beer.  (Light beer works, as this is all I have in the house.)

Now it's time to dunk the fish!  Dip each piece in the flour mixture, shaking off the excess, then give it a quick drag through the beer mixture.  Give it one more roll in the flour mixture for a perfect coating.

Fry it in your oil or deep fryer at a temp of 425 degrees.  I make sure to lower my basket to the bottom of my fryer so that the pieces don't stick to it; then I carefully drop them one at a time into the oil.  I can use the basket to bring them up to the surface to check on them, or to shake the pieces lightly to break them up if they stick.

The fish are done when the ends start to rise to the top.  The batter should be nice and golden brown!

This makes a perfectly crunchy and crispy batter that keeps the fish inside tender and moist.  My kids don't like fish, but they said this tasted like chicken.  Be sure to provide dunking sauces like tarter, mayo, ketchup, or fresh squeezed lemon.  (We even let the kids use BBQ so that they would eat all their fish.)

Do you like to batter fish?  What kinds do you prefer to fry?

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