Pet Month at Walmart: For the Dogs!

It's Pet Month at Walmart, so I get to feature some fun and useful products that your favorite pooch might like. In this mini-gift guide, you'll see what my two dogs (Gilbert: the tiny rat terrier -- and Glenn: the HUGE Bloodhound/Great Pyrenees mix) think of the brands.

Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition Dry Dog Food

We had never tried this food before.  I noticed that it was very fragrant; so much, in fact, that my cat tore through the bag to get to the contents.  (She LOVES dog food.)  I like that the bag we tried had a resealable zip top to keep the baby out of the food and to keep freshness in.  (Too bad the cat tossed that perk out the window.)  My dogs both enjoyed this dry kibble.  I liked that it wasn't as "dry" as some foods, and it didn't end up all powdery at the bottom of the bag towards the end.  (This may be because the food contains added minerals and oil for skin and coat.)

Pedigree Wet Dog Food

We also tried a variety of wet, single-serving dog foods.  For the most part, both of my dogs enjoyed this immensely.  I will have to say that the Choice Cuts in Gravy varieties (bottom) were more visually appealing than the Meaty Ground Dinner varieties (top.)

Since Gilbert eats inside the house, we've had a problem with him grabbing whole pieces of food and taking them somewhere else in the house to hide and eat (like my bed!)  We made sure to give him the Choice Cuts in Gravy ONLY, as he couldn't get more than a mouthful at a time of this juicy dish.  When we gave him the Meaty Ground varieties, he could pick up the entire serving carefully (it was stuck together) and sneak away with it.

We also had to keep the cat away -- he wanted some, too!

PetArmor Products

Finally, we were able to refill our supply of PetArmor products for the dog.  We have been using this line faithfully since last year when we first tried the PetArmor Plus on both dogs.  We keep them on schedule to be treated once a month, and it's a mess-free way to protect against fleas and ticks!

You can find most of these products online at and almost all in your local retail store.  Stay tuned for tomorrow's coverage of some special cat products!

Wanna help?  You can help PetArmor with their Protection Promise by donating one treatment to a shelter animal.  Just "Like" PetArmor on Facebook and select the participating shelter you want the treatment to go to!

*I am a participant in the Walmart Moms program. Walmart has provided me with compensation for my time on this post. Participation in this program is voluntary. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.