Premama Prenatal Vitamins not Just for Pregnant Moms!

My son will turn 2 this June, and we are (incredibly) still nursing.  Because of this, I struggle with taking the right vitamin for this time in my life that is, at the same time, easy to administer.  I hate the horse pills that most prenatal vitamins resemble, so I was interested in giving Premama a try.

This drink mix dissolves in water, juice, or milk (I don't personally recommend the milk, however.)  It contains all the stuff you should be getting as a pregnant mom, and likely still need while nursing: folic acid, iron, DHA, CoQ10 and calcium.  Plus, it has a few other ingredients that pregnant moms might appreciate (like ginger for nausea relief.)

I tried my vitamins in both water and juice, and I really didn't care so much for the flavor -- only because I HATE ginger.  I realize that it is necessary for the queasiness pregnant moms experience, but I could never choke down anything that tasted like ginger.  I will say that I would have taken this as a pregnant mom in place of the overtly ginger-flavored OTC solutions, however.  It's still less pungent than most, and you can add it to a stronger juice (like pomegranate) to mask much of the flavor.

If I had to pick between a pill or drink, I'll take Premama any day.  For moms who are hoping to get pregnant, it might not be a bad idea to get a head start.  I'll keep drinking it through the end of my nursing days with Marcus -- but I'll be very happy when they come out with the flavored versions they promise in the marketing literature.

You can get all the info you need about Premama at the official Premama website.

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