Review of ARM & HAMMER® Pet Fresh® Dry Carpet Cleaner

My carpet is my least favorite part of my house.  While I'm pretty good about cleaning the carpets, my husband complains that they remain wet for hours after I clean.  There is no way to avoid soggy socks, and it's impossible to clean the carpets before company comes.  Thanks to a new product I was able to try this past month, however, there may be a solution that allows my family (and friends) to walk on the carpet sooner after cleaning.

The ARM & HAMMER® Pet Fresh® Dry Carpet Cleaner is like nothing I've used before.  You shake it directly on your carpet and brush it gently into your carpet with a brush (not included.)  You do not have to "work" it in, just give it a gentle rub to activate it.  It's slightly damp, and it smells awesome.  After it dries completely (30 minutes or so), you vacuum it up!

How does it work?  Here are our before and after photos:

The area to be cleaned (next to my couch)
After I sprinkled on the cleaner
The entire carpet after I gently "brushed" the cleaner

The carpet after I vacuumed!
As you can see, this works pretty well!  There were a few spots on another section of my carpet that didn't come out as well, and the instructions recommend that dried, stubborn stains be sprayed with water prior to sprinkling on the cleaner.  This does work better, but be prepared to wait longer for these spots to dry.  I think I would prefer my traditional steam cleaner one initial time for horrible areas, and then to use this product for my weekly or bi-weekly maintenance every time after that.  I believe I could tackle most issues and have my carpet "company clean" with just this product, however.  (I may also have had better results on old stains with the "Stubborn Stains" version of the cleaner. I only had the chance to try the Pet Fresh, so there may be a difference.)

Overall, this is a handy cleaner to have in your closet.  My carpet felt much softer and fresher than it does after a "steam" clean.  The kids also loved being able to play on the carpet soon after (instead of being banished outdoors for over 5 hours!)

Get more info on these Arm & Hammer products at the website.  You can also find it at your local Walmart!

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