Review of MakaziVille Online Game (and Interview with the Duggars!)

I have been a big admirer of the Duggar family for as long as I've known about them.  While my family isn't as large, we homeschool and try to live simply.  I look to them as a source of inspiration, and I've always considered their advice to be genuine and reliable.

With the release of a new online gamine community for kids called MakaziVille (which the Duggars have partnered with), my kids can now learn how to virtually participate in some of the community and mission-oriented tasks that I seek for them to experience -- just like the Duggars do on their TV show.  The site, which is 100% family-friendly, allows kids to learn about other cultures online in a safe environment and to also experience mission work from simple game play tasks and activities.

Here is some additional info about the company that developed the site:
MakaziVille is developed and owned by The Seed Company, an affiliate of Wycliffe Bible Translators. As your child progresses through the game, both of you will become more familiar with Bible translation and the ministry of The Seed Company. For more information on The Seed Company please visit
In addition to learning about this unique and exciting game that all of my children can enjoy safely in our home, I had the chance to talk with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar about their family life and ways that they teach their own kids about helping others.

Some things they have done with their kids include:
  • Baking cookies as a "thank you" to give to the local fire department
  • Getting involved in local and national politics
  • Encouraging kids to help one another in the home (like having the older children assist with the younger children's school work)
I was amazed that, despite the differences in our lifestyles, we had quite a bit in common with regards to the important lessons we wanted our kids to learn.  The Duggars, while not TV-watchers, embrace technology and use it in their home daily for learning.  (I can just imagine that their computer "classroom" resembles the one in my local library!)

With my kids asking to play video and online games daily (and sometimes 2-3 times a day), my husband and I have realized that there is no use in trying to thwart their natural curiosity and desire to play.  We have decided, however, to redirect their passions into online games and programs that encourage responsible gaming and allow families to pass on their faith and principles to their children.

To learn more about MakaziVille (which if FREE), visit the official website and sign up your children for their accounts.

*I was also able to ask Michelle a few questions about her homeschool life and managing a household.  She directed me to the Duggar's official website, where there is a generous "Resources" section designed to be a help to families.  I recommend you check it out, as well (I found so much good stuff there!)