Review of Santa Barbara Bay Tater Toppers

If a hot baked potato is your kind of snack, you'll simply love the new product line from Santa Barbara Bay Tater Toppers.  These are tubs of what appear to be sour cream, but with unique, mixed in flavors and "toppings" that you can spoon directly on top of your potato.

Our family tried 4 flavors, and here is what we thought about them:

The Loaded Potato was my favorite.  It was rather salty, so you likely don't need to add any salt.  It had bacon, cheese, and green onions mixed in.  I enjoyed this one very much, but my kids did not like the green onion flavor.  (I also added a few more green onions to give it some crunch.)

Loaded Potato

The Chili Cheese Fries flavor was kind of orange in color.  My oldest son loved this best.  He said it tasted like taco seasoning with some cheesy kick.  He also liked this flavor on french fries and nachos!  (I did not care so much for this one.)

Butter and Herb was my middle son's fave.  It was pretty intense for my liking, as it was loaded with spices.  The chives were a nice touch, however.

Finally, there was a pretty smooth Bacon Ranch flavor.  It was as you would expect for a blend of ranch dressing, sour cream, and bacon.  I could see kids using this as a dip for veggies, as well!

Right now, most of these flavors are available at stores nationwide (like Walmart) and cost about $2.99.  If you like baked potatoes for your main dinner menu item, these could be a tasty and frugal alternative to buying several ingredients. (And they taste pretty fresh!)  Read more at the official website!

*Samples received to review.  Opinions are 100% my own.