Expanding my Skype Experience with Video!

My experience with Skpe up until now had been pretty limited; I had dabbled in the voice and online chat functions.  I had shied away from video, because I was very self-concious about how I look in a web cam and because I never seemed to have my equipment hooked up and in order.  This past week, however, I took the plunge on replacing my super-slow, ancient netbook with a sleek new laptop, complete with all the software needed to get going on Skype right away -- as well as a built-in web cam.  I no longer needed to hook up my cam via USB and wait for my settings to take place.

This really excites me for two reasons:

1) I am happy to put my face to my business when it comes to meeting new clients.  I pride myself on having a cheerful personality and offering professional communications when I work with a brand or small business owner.  Chatting with the Skype video services only makes it easier to sell my expertise!

2) I miss my kids when I travel.  I do call them from my phone when I'm away, but I miss seeing their bright (and often dirty) little faces.

The Skype upgrades that have occurred since I first starting using it years ago has made it easier to video chat at a moment's notice and get better video quality with less bandwidth (something that is very important since I live in a rural area with limited broadband.)

Perhaps the most exciting new thing I've experienced since broadening my Skype horizons, however, has been the way I have learned to incorporate my iPad 2 into the communication equation.  I love my iPad, and I use it for video all the time.  Since I was comfortable making videos to upload on YouTube and send to friends, adding a real-time feature via Skype has been a seamless experience.  (And it encourages me to reach out and virtually "touch" more people, more often.)

Think I'm alone in how technology has made life easier and my relationships more connected?  Here's a neat infographic explaining how moms as a group as almost always ready to embrace new technology! (Click to open it larger in a new page.)

What about you?  Are you using Skype to get together with friends, visit with the kids when you're out of town, or put your small business at an advantage?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments!

*I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Skype. I received Skype credits to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.