MAM Oral Care for Babies

Did you know:  A full set of baby teeth is 20 teeth?  A full set of grown-up teeth is 32?

My youngest is still called "The Baby", even though he is 2.  He wants to brush like the big kids, but he doesn't quite have the coordination to do so.  We recently sampled a fun assortment of products designed for kids 0-3 from MAM that can help with the hygiene routine.  Here are the two that we enjoyed most!

MAM Oral Care Rabbit

While my little guy is a bit too big for this item, it's the most adorable thing I've seen in ages!  To use, just put your fingers into the rabbit's "ears" and gently massage/clean baby's gums before the teeth come in!  You can start using it as soon as baby is born! (Read more about the Oral Care Rabbit.)

MAM First Brush
This toothbrush is more my guy's speed.  It is long enough and thick enough in the handle for him to hold easily.  The little bristles fit in all the tiny places in his mouth.  The bright colors are fun for him to look at and recognize as "his" toothbrush. I also like that if my older children are helping, they can use the pink indicator bristles to know exactly how much toothpaste to use! (Get more info on the First Brush.)

All MAM's oral care products are free of BPA and designed with making brush time easy for parents and entertaining for kids.  My son LOVES to brush, but now I finally have the right tools for his size!  Be sure to "Like" MAM on Facebook to learn about new products as they are launched!

And if you are in need of reliable information for starting your new baby or toddler down a road to healthy teeth and gums, be sure to read the Oral Care FAQ. It contains everything you need to know about when to use toothpaste, how to clean new teeth, and more!

*Sample received to review. Opinions are 100% my own.