Our Pet's Best Products!

We love our pets.  They are part of the family, and while we don't dress them up or obsess over their care, we do love to incorporate products that make taking care of them easier and our time with them more enjoyable.  Here are a few items our pets and us love to use!

Deluxe Fresh Flow® Purifying Pet Fountain
We tried this unique product out when we were going away on a one night vacation.  We knew that the cat and small indoor dog would need ample water, but we also knew they turned their noses up at stale water that's been sitting there for awhile.  To keep them from getting into the toilet, we set up the fountain in the kitchen where we give them their water and plugged it in.

This gadget is quiet (you can faintly hear the running water), and the pets LOVE drinking from it.  It has a filter, which helps to keep the water clean, but it didn't work out too well for our house; my toddler kept putting food into the fountain, and we were changing the filters more often than we should have.  If you can keep kids out of it, each filter should last you a long time.  We no longer have to hear our cat beg for fresh water... he just drinks happily, and we refill it once every other day or so!

BOODA® Fur Tugs™

If you are familiar with the BOODA brand you already know how high-quality their pet gear is.  The Fur Tags are a clever 3-in-1 toy that lets you play several ways with your dog.  It consists of a sturdy nylon handle on one end, a tennis ball on the other, and furry plush in the middle.  This guarantees a energetic game of tug-of-war is easy to initiate; you can also "launch" the toy like a slingshot to get them running to fetch, as well!  The bright colors make sure it won't get lost in the yard, either.

If you've caught your pet chewing up plastic water bottles, you understand that they are captivated by the texture and sound the plastic makes.  The SqueakBottles are a safe-for-dog-to-chew toy with a pocket to place an empty water bottle inside.  The result is a fun chew toy for pups to gnaw on, complete with crackles, squeaks, and pops!

Fat Cat™ Zoom Stuffers™

Finally, if you love watching your cat on a cat nip buzz, the Zoom Stuffers are a fun toy for cats AND their owners.  Just place the cat nip pouch inside the pocket of the toy, and watch your feline friend bat, pounce, and zip around your house.  These are fun for the kids to watch, as well!

Do you have a favorite pet product you'd like to tell us about?  Share in the comments!

*Samples were received to review.  Opinions are 100% our own.