Review of T-shirts

Tees are a staple article of clothing in our house.  With 4 boys, it's a given.  My daughter and I, however, also prefer t-shirts over ANY other piece of apparel.  This is likely because they are comfy, versatile, and can be the ultimate form of expression!

We recently ordered my daughter a t-shirt from  Since she is always saying "Oh, Snap!", I thought it would be funny to find a t-shirt that said the same thing.  Here is the one I decided on.  (Note: I was able to pick the fit of the shirt, the sizing, and even the color!)

It fit my daughter great, thanks to the accuracy of the sizing chart.   I was impressed with how thick and durable the tee was.  Sometimes, it's hard to find cute fitted tees for junior and ladies that aren't practically see-through; this tee is designed to withstand everyday wear and tear!

There are hundreds of great designs to choose from at Fibers.  (I'm especially partial to the bacon t-shirts.)  Check out their site at to choose one that suits your style!

*Sample was received to review.  Opinions are 100% my own!