Review of mimijumi (Our favorite new bottle)

My son is almost two, but he is not done with bottles.  Part of it is because he still nurses,and as a nursing toddler, he relies on a bottle when I'm not around to put him to bed (like when I'm on business trips.)  It used to be that any old bottle would do, but now that nursing is more for comfort than food, he really started to get picky.

We received the "Very Hungry" mimijumi bottle earlier this year, and it is honestly one of the strangest bottles I've ever seen.  To be blunt, it looks just like a boob; when it's sitting on the table, visitors don't quite know what to think.  But when my son is having milk out of it - and I'm hundreds of miles away - I can't think of a better way to show him I care.

I only wish I had known about this clever little invention earlier in his life.  If we had used it instead of other bottles, I believe he would have latched on better and might have had an easier time with pumped milk.  The bottle is very easy to clean, especially the top (which has the nipple and ring as one solid piece.)  There are no breakable parts, and the nipple/top is soft like Mom!

This product is also free of lead, BPA and phthalates.  You'll feel even better knowing that the chance of nipple confusion is decreased while baby's safety is maximized!

Learn more about our favorite new bottle (as well as their smaller "not so hungry" bottle) at their website!

*a sample was received.  My opinion of how fantastic this product is will always be 100% my own.