Does Walmart Have the Lowest Prices on School Supplies?

Walmart challenged me to see if I could find lower prices at another store this year for school supplies.  I chose Target, because it was close to where I was driving this weekend, and we took our supply list (one from a public school near us), and started shopping!

We purchased the following items at each store, at the following prices:
  • (2) pack glue sticks - $.50 at both stores               
  • (4) Elmer's liquid glue - $.50 at both stores
  • (2) Crayola washable markers - $1.97 at Walmart, $1.99 at Target
  • (1) Black Sharpie 2-pk - $1.54 at both stores (but Walmart threw in an extra Sharpie)
  • (1) Watercolor paint set - $.50 at Walmart (includes 16 colors), $.99 at Target (only 8)
  • (1) 2-pack of pink erasers - $.50 at both stores
  • (1) 25-pack of pencil topper erasers - $.88 at Walmart, $.99 at Target
  • (4) 24-packs of Crayola crayons - $.50 at both stores
  • (4) 12-packs of Crayola color pencils - $.97 at Walmart, $.99 at Target
  • (1) Fiskars safety scissors - $1.47 at Walmart, $1.50 at Target
  • (4) Generic safety scissors - $.50 at Walmart, $.75 at Target
  • (1) 10-pack of BIC stick pens - $.97 at Walmart, $1.00 at Target
  • (1) 10-pack of Papermate pens - $.94 at Walmart, $.99 at Target
  • (1) Package of mechanical pencils - $1.47 at Walmart (includes 10), $1.19 at Target (only 8)
  • (3) Plastic pencil cases - $.50 at Walmart, $.99 at Target 
  • (2) Pencil pouches - $2.97 at Walmart, $2.00 at Target
  • (2) Composition books - $.50 at both stores
  • (3) Packages filler paper - $.82 at both stores
  • (11) Spiral bound notebooks - $.17 at both stores
  • (8) Paper Folders - $.15 at both stores
We bought brand name where we could, and where there were no brand names (like the cloth pencil pouches), we bought almost identical items (even down to the color!)

In addition, we bought 8 boxes of Kleenex from each store.  Walmart had a 4-pack for just $3.47 (making them $.86 each) and Target had them 3/$4 (making them $1.33 each).

Here is our haul from Target:

Here is our haul from Walmart:

Who was cheaper?

For all the items we bought, our Walmart total was $44,and our Target trip cost $48.78!

You can find out all about Walmart's savings opportunities for the back to school season at your local Walmart, or check out their sale section at!

*What did we do with the the products from Target?  Even with 5 kids, we wouldn't use ALL those supplies.  Walmart suggested that we donate them to a charity, so we worked with our local church to find a family who didn't have any supplies this year to help them out.  

I am a participant in the Walmart Moms program. Walmart has provided me with compensation for my time on this post. Participation in this program is voluntary. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.