Visit Nebraska: Embassy Suites - Omaha, NE (Downtown)

When looking for a place to stay overnight with the kids, a suite is our ideal choice.  Because we like to have two TV's and room for at least 6 to sleep, the Embassy Suites is usually on par with our expectations.  The downtown Omaha location happened to be hosting several guests for the College World Series this year, but this didn't affect their level of service or cleanliness.

When we arrived, I was taken aback by the various levels of the main area.  There were healthy-looking koi fish in small ponds around the foliage, and there were eating and bar areas throughout.

We enjoyed strolling around the main area, as the kids looked at the fish.  When we headed to the elevator to go up to our room, our youngest was so thrilled!  A glass elevator?  This was an exciting treat for him.

The great glass elevator...

Our favorite part of the stay?
Our room was as clean as we would want it, and the A/C was working well.  (I did have to turn it off for a bit during the evening, as the fan was loud, making it hard to watch TV.)  With two rooms and two sets of televisions, the kids could crash in the living area on the fold-out bed and watch Spongebob, while my husband and I vegged out in the bedroom area with the History channel.

Lots of sleeping space!

We took in an evening of relaxing and swimming in the in-hotel pool.  It was clean, and there were just a few families using it by 8pm.  After exhausting the kids, we put everyone to bed.  (But not without an evening snack of popcorn that we popped in the in-room microwave.)

The view from our hotel room was fabulous after dark:

The next morning we headed down to the bottom floor for made-to-order breakfast.  Thankfully, we didn't have to have our food made to order if we didn't want to; there were plenty of buffet-style items to choose from!  (We did, however, sit at a table that was very wobbly.  We worked hard to prevent our food from sliding off!)

Parking at the hotel was $10 a day, but it was a great deal for the downtown area.  During our stay, we were just a stroll away from all the highlights that the Old Market has to offer...

I really enjoyed our stay here at the Embassy Suites Downtown Omaha.  It was consistent with our other stays at the hotel chain, but this one was made more special by the close distance to the Omaha downtown adventure.  If you are a family needing to visit the zoo or want a day of delightful shopping in the area, this hotel is a family-friendly choice to consider.

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