Get Back to School with Crayola Wild Notes!

My favorite part of back to school is trying out new art supplies!  Crayola always has fun new offerings each fall, so I was very intrigued by their new Wild Notes products.  Rarely do I find an activity or craft that my kids can do together, so this was something I hoped the younger kids and my teenage daughter would appreciate.

These products contain a special paper and pen that, when used together, create "wild" colors.  My daughter said that this products looked much better and was easier to handle than other multi-color products or those pages that require you to scratch and reveal a variety of colors.  Here is a sampling of what she and her younger cousin created today:

The Wild Notes products come in a spiral-bound notebook, sticky notes, and a spiral-bound notecard.  All three products come with the special pen needed to create fun and colorful printed designs!  When asked what they thought, both of the girls who tested this couldn't say enough about how much they enjoyed the products.  It's the perfect doodle tool (and kids could actually have a little fun taking notes in class, as well.)

You can find these new Crayola products at your local Walmart store, and they would make a great back-to-school gift for any boy or girl who likes to draw.  (Crayola also has some new dry erase offerings this year, as well.  Check out last year's review of their Dry Erase crayons and markers for extra ways to make your school year rock!)

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