The Great Bentonville Steakover Event

Have you seen those commercials on TV where customers in restaurants and at BBQ's don't know that they are eating Walmart steaks?  I had the chance to participate in a similar event when I was visiting the Walmart annual shareholder's meeting.  While I knew going in that I would be eating Walmart steaks, the results were just as surprising!

First, I have always been solid on my stance to never buy meat from Walmart (sorry, guys.)  I didn't like the flavor of the beef in past years, and there was never that great corn-fed, marbling in the meat like the steaks I ate from the farm.  Attending the event, I was open-minded, but I was also prepared to be disappointed in the quality of these new steaks, as well.

Here is a quick video of my time at the Steak Event (you'll recognize the background song as being the same as the one in the Walmart commercials.)

As you can see, I was very impressed with the meat.  Although, to be honest, it was a bit awkward chewing and enjoying steak while being videoed.  Here I am goofing off a bit under the mic:

I have since purchased over 4 meals' worth of steaks from my local Walmart based on the great experience I had. (I have had nothing but great meat as a result.)  I'm so glad I can now add fresh steaks to the things I buy at Walmart!  (Learn more about Walmart Steak and their satisfaction guarantee.)

In addition to sampling the steaks (if you call a ribeye the size of my lower arm a "sample"), we also tried some new Marketside foods!  I have written on this line of items before, but they still amaze me with the delicious and fresh flavors they come up with!

My faves include:

Asian Salad Complete Kit - This had yummy, crunchy Chinese noodles, almonds, and a sweet dressing!  Just mix and serve for 4-5 people.

Garden Veggie Chopped Salad - This one was just as easy to prepare and had chewy cranberries, broccoli slaw, and a sweet orange dressing!

Fruit Trays - I was delighted to see different dips with these! 

Bavarian Pretzel Sticks - These are a different kind of breadstick that taste just like soft pretzels. Yum!

These were just a handful of the delightful things we sampled at the SteakOver Event at Horton Farms. I can't wait to share some more items soon!

Have you tried the new Walmart Steaks?  What are your thoughts?

*I am a participant in the Walmart Moms program. Walmart has provided me with compensation for my time on this post. Participation in this program is voluntary. As always, all opinions are 100% my own. Photos compliments of Novo Studio and used with permission.