I Need Your Help! Small Business Influencer Nomination! (Thank you)

I was hesitant to post this, but after hearing from several of you that you would have liked this information on the blog, I'm giving in...

I am so thrilled to be in the running for the Small Business Influencer for the Journalist category For those of you who aren't familiar, I started blogging in 2007 with a simple "mommy blog" and took my writing to full-time career mode (including starting Knerl Family Media, the parent company of this site) that fully supports our family.

I wouldn't have dreamed in a million years that I could get to journalist status by working hard and networking, but now I have had the privilege of writing for sites like MSN Money, American Express Open Forum, Forbes, PC Magazine, and more!

I would be so humbled to have your vote.  It takes just one click (no registration required.)  You can vote - without revealing your personal info -- once per 24 hours.

I resist asking for voting on things like this, but the award is a unique opportunity, and I'm up to 50 votes as of right now.  Thanks so much!