Indoor S'More Recipe: Better Than in the Microwave!

If you know what a pain it is to start a fire outside, hunt for marshmallow sticks, and watch your kids drop their marshmallows into the fire, you've probably tried out making your own s'mores in the microwave.  While this is a simple fix, it's not the most ideal solution.  If your marshmallows don't explode, it's impossible to make them golden brown.  And sometimes, the graham cracker ends up mushy.

I tried adapting the indoor s'more recipe to be made in your oven's broiler.  A toaster oven may give you similar results.  Here's how we did it:

1.  Assemble your ingredients.  We used graham crackers, large marshmallows, and chocolate from Aldi's.  I also gathered one sheet of parchment paper and a cookie sheet.

2.  Lay down the parchment paper on your cookie sheet, and turn on your oven to "broil."  (Remove any dishes you may have hid from company because you didn't have time to wash them BEFORE starting the oven.)

3.  Put graham crackers (2 rectangular strips each square) on the paper.  Use 2x the number of completed s'mores you want, because you'll need a bottom and a top to each.  Then, put one marshmallow on half of the squares and one square of chocolate on the other half.

4. Put in the oven for 2-3 minutes.  You will want to stand by and WATCH CAREFULLY.  Once the marshmallows have a nice golden brown top, you can remove everything.

5.  Assemble.  I put the chocolate side on top, because it will melt and drip down over everything (and covering the entire s'more in gooey delight.)

Now enjoy!  My kids LOVED these, and because we used parchment paper, there are no dishes to do. (Just make sure your oven is cool before hiding your dirty dishes from last time in the oven again.)

*We received marshmallows, graham crackers, and a delicious chocolate from Aldi's to help me craft the perfect s'more recipe.  Opinions are 100% my own.

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