Review of DiGiorno Pizza Dipping Strips

This post is about to get YUMMY....

I was having that conversation with my husband that went like this:

Husband: What's for supper?
Me: *sheepishly* Pizza.
Husband: Again?
Me: Yeah, but this one I think you'll like.

We were having one of those days where I was swamped with work and homeschool, but we were burnt out on traditional pizzas.  Luckily, the kind folks at DiGiorno had some new products for us to try.  I was hoping with all my heart that they weren't the same old pizza experience; they weren't.

First, we had the Pizza Dipping Strips with 2 kinds of sauce as a side dish for our pasta meal.  These had a hint of pizza flavor, but were more bread-like.  They won approval from the whole family, especially since they came with both a garlic butter sauce AND a marinara sauce.

In the package.. all ready to go!
It's important to note with these that you do NOT want to microwave the sauce in the package.  Our micro was on the fritz, so I warmed my sauces unopened in a bowl of warm water.

These were amazingly good.  You may need to cut them with a pizza cutter, however, as the pre-marked cutting lines weren't that defined.  (We tore a few in half trying to separate them with our hands.)

These could easily be a main course, but prefer we them as an appetizer or a side dish.

We also gave the new Italian Style Favorites Pizza a shot.  We went with the Meatball Marinara variety, because it looked so good on the front of the box.  The pizza itself was a nice change from typical pizzas, had a crispy crust, and yummy little meatballs.  It was slightly sweet from herbs, as well!

You can learn more about both the Pizza Dipping Strips and the Italian Style Favorites Pizza at the DiGiorno Facebook page.

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*Samples received to review.  Opinions are 100% my own.