Review of OFF Clip-On Mosquito Repellent

We didn't have much for mosquitoes in our yard... until last week.  Now that I'm in the garden for an hour or more a day, I'm really starting to notice those buzzing, biting pests!

We were sent OFF!® Clip-On® Mosquito Repellent to try, and, while I've seen it on the commercials, I was skeptical of a product that claimed head to toe protection with a tiny battery-operated fan.  I put together the product (which already had batteries in it), simply by installing the tiny repellent pad into the fan.  Then I clipped it to my shirt and hit the "on" button.  A tiny whirring sound comes from the fan, but it is almost silent.  There is also no noticeable odor coming from the product.

I headed out to the garden, which freaked me out; I could hear the buzzing of hundreds of mosquitoes.  (Just the day before, I tried to pick a batch of green beans without any product, and I came inside with my shoulders and neck all bit up.)  With the OFF!® Clip-On® Mosquito Repellent,  however, I could tell the mosquitoes were close, but not a single one landed on me.  I was in my garden for over an hour with NO BITES!

I love this product so much, and since one cartridge lasts up to 12 hours, I can use it to do my gardening for around 2 weeks.  I keep it in my garden tools kit with my gloves and buckets so it is easy to slip on before I go outside.  Another plus?  When I come back in, I simply switch it off and take it off.  I don't have to shower off any icky residue from a spray on product.

OFF!® Clip-On® is now available in four decorative designs to match your favorite summer moments: Vintage American Flag, American Flag, Camouflage and Floral!  Get more info on my new favorite product at their website!

*Sample was received to review.  Opinions are 100% my own.