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I'm no stranger to ordering my glasses online.  Once I have a current Rx in hand, I've actually purchased up to 3 pairs a year for my husband; he works hard here on the farm, and he's been known to smash a few up while doing his thing.

We were getting down to the last few days of life for his existing wire frames which were purchased online awhile back, so when we had the opportunity to try out the glasses from Perfect Glasses USA, I really couldn't say no.  We put in our order with his current Rx, and waited.

The glasses came quickly and shipped safely.  I was very impressed with the quality of the frames and how much they resembled the picture on the website.  I'm not always very good at judging fashion from a photo, so when I picked a slightly nerdy style of frame for my husband, I was so happy to see that they fit well and looked good!

The "Brooklyn" frames my hubby wears

He has been wearing this as his only pair of frames for about a month, and I am thrilled with how well they have held up.  He still uses his old, taped-up pair for working in the shop, but these are his "going out" glasses, and they make him look trendy.  He has said nothing but good things about the fit, how accurate the Rx is, and generally how reliable they have been.  I would definitely order from Perfect Glasses USA again in the future.

You can see their entire selection of discount glasses (starting at just $19) via the website.  While there is quite a bit of crossover from the men's to women's categories, there are many cute styles to choose from!

*Pair received to try and review.  Opinions are 100% my own.