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UPDATE:  My kids have been doing extremely well with this program, and, as of 11/12/2012, it is the ONLY reading/phonics program we use in our homeschool.  See updates at the bottom of the review.

We have been "homeschooling" through the summer, but trying to give the kids exciting and tech-savvy new ways to learn.  They crave computer time, so we decided to give a try.

The premise of Reading Eggs is simple; completely animated lessons engage your child and teach them to read, step by step.  You don't have to start at step one, either.  It quickly gauges where your child is at, and puts them at the level that's right for them.

 It also features many built-in rewards; my son loves passing each challenge, finding golden eggs, and adding items to his collection! 

The arcade: my son's favorite stop in!

Reading Eggs is an Online Learn to Read program that my son is a big fan of.  He asks me to use it daily, and when he is on it, he never seems to tire!  He is a a bit behind for his age on reading (which is not uncommon for boys), but he quickly filled in the gaps with this program.  The graphics are lively, the effects are charming, and he loves that it tracks his progress from level to level.  Every day that he logs on, he can see how much of the program he has completed, and it makes him feel good to watch the percentage of completion go up!

This program is affordable, especially given the fact that many reading and language curriculum programs for homeschool can cost $100 or more per year.  The reading eggs program costs $75 for a full 12 months, or you can purchase it at 6 months at a time for $49.95.  (There is also a month-by-month payment option for less than $10.)  Large families with more than one reader will benefit from a 50% discount on additional family memberships!

I have yet to find a reading program that engages my son the way Reading Eggs has.  They also just came out with an iPad app with a free lite version and an extra paid upgrade.  We use the free version to practice sight words, and my son is addicted to it!  (It requires him to focus on one sight word, then choose only the eggs that contain that word from several that are thrown across the screen.  He loves how fast the eggs go!)

I've seen an improvement in my son's recognition of sight words, and also an increased understanding of words with similar structures.  (After learning words with the -ick pattern, for example, he was quick to read these in books later on.)  I think that the combination of phonics-based learning and a solid memorization of sight words that don't follow the rules is a good method being taught by this program!

Find more at  They currently have a free trial for parents who want to try before they buy!

UPDATE:  Since I first wrote this review, I have purchased a year for my 9-year-old son, who is currently at grade level (thanks to the program!)  I also purchased a membership for my 7-year-old, who has not had success with any other program we tried.  He went from having a basic pre-K level of reading understanding to a 1st grade level in just a month!  I can't say enough about this program.  I would highly recommend the free trial to see if it's a fit for your kids.

*A sample membership was received to review.  We love this program, and opinions are 100%  our own!