Book Review: Marlow and the Monster

Being a kid can be scary; just ask my five-year-old son, Moses.  Everything has to be perfect before he goes to bed, and this includes having a light on, keeping the closet doors shut, and turning all of the dolls and stuffed animals in the room so that they are not facing towards him (he hates the EYES.)

Like most kids, talking about fears can be a good way to let him know that it's not unusual to be scared, and that there is a solution.  In the new book Marlow and the Monster by Sharon Cramera little boy, not unlike my own children, has a monster in his room.  This monster, however, is more annoying than terrifying.  Marlow looks for ways to ditch the monster as he tries to explain to his parents that it is a genuine problem.

The book, which is marvelously illustrated, had an instant likability for my kids.  The pictures are done in quill and ink -- the only part done in color was the monster.  As the children read along, they giggled and pointed at the pages.  This was a very fun read!

When we bring our fears to light and discuss them with our loved ones, they no longer seem so scary. This book was a great introduction to the topic of nighttime fears, and the silliness made it a good time for all of us.

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*Review copy received.  Opinions are 100% my own.