Enter the Goo Gone Passion Project Contest (and Really Clean Up!)

Last year, I was fortunate to be picked to participate in the Goo Gone Passion Project, which gave me the chance to clean up (and keep) a really nice new piece of furniture for my home that was less than perfect at the time.  I used the new Spray Goo Gone Gel to remove stickers and crayons for the toy chest I received, and I was impressed with how wonderfully it worked.

Almost a year later, we are still enjoying our nice toy chest, and I still use the product to tackle everyday clean up issues.  (Just last week, my son put stickers on every drawer in my dining room buffet.  Instead of freaking out, I used the Goo Gone -- problem solved.)

This year, Goo Gone is allowing fans to enter for a chance to be involved in the Goo Gone Project.  Winners will get an item worth $500 to "clean up" and make new again!  (The prize will be something that ties into a hobby of yours - just like it did for mine!)  To be considered for this awesome opportunity, just enter by October 5th.

I think this is a fun spin on the typical giveaway, and I encourage you to take part of the official Goo Gone Facebook page.

*I received a thank you gift for sharing this exciting opportunity with you; opinions are always 100% my own.