How Many Apparel Items Can you Buy At Walmart with $100?

School shopping is full on right now, and clothes were something I was NOT looking forward to buying.  With 4 boys in the house, we can get by with hand-me-downs for a few of them.  My oldest, however, really needed a few new items (including jeans), so we hit the local Walmart to see what we could buy for under $100.

Here is a quick recap of our trip; we stopped by the boys department and purchased quite a few thing for our money!


In total, we bought:
  • 4 pairs of boys' jeans
  • 3 graphic tees
  • one pack of underwear (plain)
  • one pack of underwear (character)
  • 9 pairs of pajamas (on clearance for $1 each!)
  • one pair of shorts
It was quite a haul, and my kids were thrilled to have a few new pieces for the schoolyear.  I was very impressed with the ability to get so much for under $100.  (Most families I know have limited budgets, so this was the most important aspect of our trip.)

Here is Micah sporting his FAVORITE t-shirt, which we happened to buy this particular day.  (It features Ben10, his favorite show; there were lots of characters to choose from, making it easy for the kids to find just the right look!)

Since we live on a farm, and jeans get quite the workout, it was important to have items that could withstand the wear.  I'm very happy with the quality of the jeans we bought -- and at a fraction of the cost of what deparment stores in our area would charge.

Have you done your back-to-school clothes shopping yet?  Be sure to check out some of the fun ways to get more for your money at Walmart, including the Mix and Match Closet tool we tried!

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