Mentos helps Singapore's "National Night" be ALL About the Baby

We are a larger-than-most family with 5 kids (for now), and we really feel we have been called to "Be fruitful and multiply" by creating wonderful little people that will honor God and love others.  As of right now, the U.S. isn't in a major population slump (although we have seen a stall in births during the recession.) Singapore, however, is having a population crisis; they NEED more babies!  They have actually created a holiday all about making them and have named Aug. 9th "National Night."  It is their attempt to enlist their population to get busy... literally.

I found this video made by the team at Mentos (you know, the chewy awesome breath mint) which is part of a creative plea to the people of Singapore to "put a bao" in the oven.  (A bao is a kind of steamed bun -- get it?)

I'm sharing it here, because it's that funny.  It's also cheesy (so be warned of tired booty call references and fireworks metaphors.)  If you have a sense of humor, love babies, and are a grown up (please, no kids), I think you'll get a kick out of it, too.

Once again, you might not want to see this in front of the kiddos. (It's mildly suggestive...)

What do you think?  Would we ever have a holiday designed to "make babies" here in the U.S.? Would you use a holiday as an excuse to add another to the family?