Our Cat Gets an Upgrade

No, we do not trade in our cat.  Elijah has been a member of our family for almost 6 years, when my children adopted him from a litter of barn cats at our old house and brought him with us to our new house.  While Elijah is a house cat, he comes and goes as he pleases; he even uses the great outdoors instead of a litter box (which is awesome for me!)

This cat is just a little more "barn" cat than domestic, and he has always preferred dry cat food.  As far as I know, the only wet food he's ever eaten has been in the form of furry rodents and the occasional snake.  We introduced our prowler to Sheba Pate and Cuts Entrees cat food this week, and while he didn't know what to do with it at first, he's really taken a liking to this food.

Here is Elijah enjoying his evening meal; we slowly switched him over from 100% dry food to a mixture of both by putting the wet food on top.

His favorites so far are the more chunky varieties (although he is seen here enjoying the pate).  With so many varieties to choose from, it took a little time to get just the right flavors for his picky palate, but there are definitely three or four that he prefers over the others.

Given the choice, Elijah has historically always gone for the blandest, driest cat foods.  I was pleased that I was able to introduce some variety into his diet that he didn't have to hunt down himself.  The cans are easy to open (which is a big deal in our house with lots of joint inflammation), and the food seems to have a substantial texture.

The "Cuts" variety - my cat's fave.
We pretty much determined that Elijah likes any of the "Cuts" varieties with tuna in them, and we'll continue to use this in his diet.  (Especially as he gets older and does less "hunting".)

You can learn more about Sheba's new cat food at their website or find it at your local Walmart store.

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