Review of ABC Mouse Online Learning

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We had tried last year as a way to get my pre-K learner doing some online schoolwork like his siblings.  Even before I got him started with a trial account at, he was begging me to sign him up.  He had seen the commercials over and over again and it even memorized the little jingle.  When I set them up with his account online, he was ready to go! is a program that, once you set it up and give your child a brief tutorial, they can pretty much handle on their own.  There are fun games, puzzles, digital books, and even an online music player that allows them to play preschool songs that complement the theme of what they are learning that day.  On a day where the child is learning about the T, for example, the puzzle would show items that start with T, and a music player would offer a tune with lots of T words.

Even though I find the program to be a bit repetitive ( puzzles, games, and songs are the order of the day, every day, they just change in theme and difficulty), my son -- who is five -- never tires of the program.  He asks me every day when he can do  He is also to the point where, once I type the URL into the address bar, he can handle everything on his own.

In addition to learning, there is a fair amount of fun for kids, as well.  Kids earn virtual tickets for every activity that they complete, which they can use to purchase items for their classroom (like a hamster!) There have been many times when I have had to remind my child, once again, that it is time to stop playing; he would have to spend time the next day "shopping" with his tickets. is a rather affordable option for parents who want to dabble in online learning and get their little one up to speed for kindergarten.  As a homeschooler, this program would cover a large amount of your basic reading and language curriculum, but it wouldn't necessarily be a stand alone core curriculum.  ( There are some activities that touch on basic math and science principles, but it isn't enough, and my opinion to replace a good math or science curriculum.)

You can have up to three children on one family account, making it a budget-friendly tool for big families; kids can even be logged in from different computers into the same account!  The online membership is free for 30 days, then $7.95 each month thereafter (or $79.95 for an entire year.)  I consider to be a great value!

*Membership was received to review.  Opinions are 100% my own -- and that of my sons. My own affiliate link was used in this post.