Review of Neater Feeder

If you were to walk through my kitchen 2 months ago, your experience would be something like this:

1. Step on cat food spilled all over the floor.
2. Slip on water from dog dish spilled all over the floor.
3. Kick the dog's water dish, spilling what was left in the bowl all over the floor.
4. Wipe everything up while you try not to curse.
5.  Repeat entire scenario 1 hour later.

Between the animals dumping over their bowls, my 2-year-old thinking it is funny to knock them over, and the generally clumsiness of myself, there is almost always something on the floor near the pet feeding area.  It's a pain, and it causes the area around it to be wet, nasty, and unsafe.

We tried out the Neater Feeder feeding dish station in hopes things would finally get better; (and wouldn't you know, it was the simplest fix we have EVER had for a messy situation?)
The Neater Feeder works like this: two dishes sit firmly in an elevated feeding station.  The station has little drainage holes all over it, allowing any sloppy water or mushy food to drop into a hidden compartment in the station.  You never slop water on the floor, and pets can't tip over their own food.  The only thing the Neater Feeder can't do is keep my 2-year-old from picking out pieces of dog food and throwing it into the water; but I suppose that's my job.

This is the single best pet product we've reviewed on the blog.  My husband agrees. The Neater Feeder comes in several sizes for cats and dogs, and starts at $34.99. These people are genius - did I say that already?

Find out more about the pet dish product that basically takes care of itself at the official Neater Feeder website.  Or, catch them on Twitter (that's where I stumbled across them) and Facebook!

*Glorious sample received to review.  I can't live without, and my opinions are 100% my own.