Almost Naked What? Animals Get Funny....

I don't know if you are familiar with the cartoon Almost Naked Animals, but if you enjoy Fish Hooks, I think you'll be surprised at how clever it is!

The Cartoon Network show, which features the comic adventures of several animals in their underwear, is a witty romp that parents and kids will find uniquely hilarious!  The Volume One DVD is out today (priced at $6.99), and it's the perfect opportunity to get caught up on episodes you may missed or introduce yourself to a show that really prides itself on being wildly creative.

The show is aimed at kids ages 6-11, but my 2 year old and my 14 year old watch it together.  If you really like what you see with the DVD, (which contains the first 6 episodes of Season One, and bonus music videos), you can check out a wide range of merchandise based on the show; plush, keychains, magazines, and more are available.  

Almost Naked Animals iPhone Case
In addition, kids can take their adventures online to, where they can interact with other fans and play Cabana Craze - the official online game!

Be sure to stay tuned for news on when new episodes will return to TV.  We will keep you posted!

Have you seen this show? Would your kids like it?

*Samples received to experience the show. Opinions are 100% my own.