End of Summer Must-Haves Gift Guide

The hot days are behind us, but summer hasn't left us completely.  For many areas of the country, it is still muggy, and there are fires burning in my part of the country.  If you are wondering what products you should buy now for the days left ahead (or for even next year), check out our recommended end-of-summer gift guide!

AC Pro

We bought a used car in the winter, only to find out that it didn't have cold A/C when we needed it the following summer.  Thankfully, we got to try out a new product designed to cut out expensive mechanic shops and let us take control of taking care of our car!  AC Pro allows you to check your car's A/C level and recharge it in minutes -- without leaving home.  Compatible with most makes and models, it is far cheaper than hiring a pro, and, while the steps are a bit intimidating, the helpful how-to videos left us at ease.  AC Pro is available at most farm and auto parts stores, as well as your local Walmart and Walmart.com for less than $40!

DewStop Fan Switch
Do you have little black dots on the ceiling in your bathroom?  How about water droplets on the sides of your toilet and on your window frames?  You likely have too much humidity in the room, something we have dealt with since moving into our farm house.  While we do have a fan in the bathroom, we have to remember to manually turn it on (something the little kids don't always do), and if often turns off before all the moisture is out of the room!  DewStop Fan Switch is a set and forget solution to all your humid room problems, as it detects the humidity in the room and turns on the fan for you!  We easily installed this in our bathroom, and now have no excuse for humidity and condensation.  (You can also turn it on manually to prevent moisture!)  It's available in 2 models, both under $60, at Amazon!

WISK Deep Clean

It's the time of year where I pack up all the boys summer clothes and put them into storage for the winter.  The problems is when I don't clean them well enough, and open them next year to find that they smell a little sour.  Luckily, we tried the new WISK Deep Clean in an effort to get rid of all the oily residue, sweat, and food that can linger on fibers and make storage gross.  Safe for HE machines and pleasantly-scented, it gets rid of the dirt you can't see on your kids' clothes.  WISK Deep Clean is available in two sizes at Walmart.com (and ships free with the Home Free program!)

DynaZap Insect Zapper

Fall is the worst for bugs.  They try to get in when the weather turns colder, making my home a haven for flies, gnats, and even bees!  If you're tired of taking it easy on flying critters, you'll love using the DynaZap Insect Zapper.  This handy "swatter" extends to reach 3 feet and features an electric "zap" that knocks out big bugs (like wasps and hornets), while killing small ones (like flies.)  For adult use only, this thing really packs a punch, and the safety features keeps it from working unless the trigger is held down.  You'll want to keep this thing out of reach of the kiddos, but it's an effective way to keep bugs under control, and is available at Amazon for less than $20 - batteries included!

*Samples of products received to review.  Opinions are 100% my own.