Gerber Clothing Isn't Just for Babies...

My son reminds me every day that is is NOT a baby.  He turned 2 in June, and he's wearing 24 month or 2T clothing.  He is also super-independent and likes to pick out what he wears.

We received packages of Gerber Onesies and Thermal Pajamas (as well as towels, burp cloths, and washcloths) for my son to try out.  We were impressed by the bright colors, and how well they stayed like new!

Our favorite of all the products would have to be the onesies.  Unlike the ones that my older sons wore, these were perfect for active toddlers and had very cute designs on them.  As you can see in the picture above, they retain their colors after several washings, and I love hanging them out on the line.  (My son had actually used a permanent marker on himself while wearing this truck-covered onesie; I was really impressed with how well it resisted stains and looked like new after one wash!)

I used to think that onesies were only for babies, but my toddler finds them comfy to wear and easy to accommodate potty training.  He usually wears them with sweats or jeans -- especially when playing outside!

My kiddo is also very fond of the thermal pajamas.  They are made of  80% ring spun cotton and 20% polyester.  Since they are for sleeping in, they are designed to fit snug for child’s safety, and the tag is silky soft so it doesn't scratch or irritate.  Marcus loves his PJ's so much, we've had to wear them to the store on a number of occasions.  We simply slip pants over them and he thinks he's big stuff!

While my son still has a way to go with potty training, we've been having him get used to the idea.  Part of the process includes having him wear Gerber's "big boy" training pants over his diapers -- which he loves!  He likes to put them on all the time, even though the size 2T is a little big for his tiny frame.

Above all, I really want my kids to be comfy.  I appreciate that Gerber has taken steps to make their clothes cute, but even if they hadn't gone to some new designs to make their clothes more stylish than they were in years' past, I would buy them.  I've bought their onesies and underwear for all my kids for past 14 years, and they are a brand I really trust.

You can find most of the Gerber items I mentioned in your local Walmart store, and all of them online. (Did I mention that they are super-reasonable in price, as well?)

Did you buy Gerber for your baby/toddler? I'd love to know how your experience has been!

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