How to Have a DIY Pizza Fixins Bar

We love pizza, but making homemade is cumbersome.  My kids have always had this dream to have a pizza bar, where they can make their own mini pizzas with their choice of toppings that they put on the pizza by themselves!
FlatOut hooked us up with a chance to shop for our own pizza fixins bar party, and we loaded up our shopping cart with a variety of ingredients, as well as raided our garden for one last shot at the fresh stuff before it froze here in Nebraska.

We then put out all the toppings, as well as a variety of FlatOut breads.  The kids washed up and we started our pizza party!

The FlatOut breads are long, so I cut them in two; this made the pizza more kid-sized, as well as allowed us each to try two or more of the crusts: Spicy Italian, Rustic White or Heritage Wheat.  (Note that the Spicy Italian is loaded with crushed red pepper -- making it hot!)

The Flatout crusts cut in two; see the red pepper flakes!
Before we could even top our pizzas, Marcus had eaten his FlatOut bread!
We each had our own very unique pizza ideas, but here were some of the best ones we enjoyed:
  • Rustic White FlatOut topped with hamburger, onion, mozzarella cheese, and BBQ sauce
  • Heritage Wheat topped with artichoke hearts, marinara sauce, Italian cheese, black olive, and grilled chicken breast
  • Spicy Italian topped with pepperoni, red pepper sauce, green peppers, and three cheeses
The pizzas before cooking...
Micah enjoying his fresh-baked creation!
We had an amazing time, topping, baking, and eating our pizzas.  The kids seemed to eat better, knowing that they made their own food.  My husband (who is a picky pizza guy) raved about the FlatOut crusts being so crispy.
Chicken, pepper, onion, black olive, and artichoke pizza with red sauce (on white crust)
Since the crusts only required a 4-5 minute prebake, and then about 10 minutes baking once topped, it was a very quick way to get dinner on the table in a fresh, unique way.

Our kid loved their pizza party, and with 7 of us in the family, we made MANY little pizzas. This would also be a great way to feed a hungry slumber party crew or your kids' athletic team.

How would you top your pizza?  What combinations do you find most delicious?

*Flatout and The Motherhood asked me to be a Flatout Blogger and recipe creator. I received compensated for my time. All opinions are my very own.