Mrs. Meyers Made My Line-Dried Laundry Even More Divine!

We started hanging our clothes out on the line this summer, after an unexpected dryer breakdown left us without our regular method of drying the clothes.  While I was a bit bummed at first, I realized that hanging the clothes out had a few BIG advantages:

1) The clothes dryer wasn't adding on to my already enormous electric bill.

2) There was less humidity inside my house from the dryer (which was venting into the garage when we moved in and has yet to be fixed to my satisfaction.)

3)  I was getting a workout from hanging the clothes, lugging the baskets, and retrieving them nightly. At 3-4 loads a day, it's quite the calorie burn!

Since I was drying outside, the clothes were a bit more "crispy" than normal.  This led me to use fabric softener, something I usually didn't use.  While I enjoyed the softness, there was a certain "residue" feeling I couldn't get used to on my clothes.  I wasn't happy with this new arrangement.

Luckily, Walmart arranged for some of us bloggers to try out new product offerings from Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day.  I was a fan of the countertop sprays, but I had no idea they also made laundry products!  I gave the lavender concentrated laundry soap and the fabric softener a try.

First, the concentrated soap is AWESOME!  Unlike other soaps that are usually concentrated at 2x, this soap is concentrated at 4x; one little bottle that fits easily on your pantry shelf gives you 68 loads of washed laundry!  You just squirt a spoonful in for each load, and it's even safe for HE machines.

The softener works super well.  My towels are softer than with the leading brand, but have a more natural smell.  I was telling my husband that the products, combined with drying outdoors, really made me feel refreshed and relaxed when I smelled my laundry.  They were not too strong, but definitely had a pleasant effect.

While I'm not sure that I will use the Meyer's as my go-to laundry brand when I switch over to using the dryer after it starts to freeze, I am hooked on making it my spring-through-fall brand.  There's just something lovely and romantic about the way my sheets smell and feel after an afternoon of blowing in the wind on my farm -- and being washed in the lavender goodness of the Mrs. Myer's products.

Have you used this brand before?  Mrs. Meyers is a natural product line that is plant derived and contains essential oils; it is cruelty free, and. biodegradable. You can look for it at your local Walmart or!

*I am a participant in the Walmart Moms program. Walmart has provided me with compensation for my time on this post. Participation in this program is voluntary. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.