Review of Innotab 2 from VTech

My tablet is the hottest toy in the house. The kids fight over it, I cringe about whether it will be dropped or spilled on, and I often find my contacts erased or apps moved around.  I know that I should just say "no", but the kids really, really love playing with the tablet.

We received a VTech Innotab 2 this month to try out with my tablet-obsessed kids; I was hoping that I could ease them into using it instead of my tablet.  It did the job for at least half of the kids.  On the surface, it really looks more like a toy than a tablet, but it has some really neat functions that my kids have enjoyed using.  For example:

1.  It has video.  It really can record, and I have caught my mischievous little ones filming me doing things around the house.  They can also "flip" the camera lens around to film themselves!

2.  There are downloadable apps.  Similar to the MobiGo 2, there are dozens of fun games and branded ebooks that can be purchased and used.  (The system comes with 2 free downloads out of the package.)

3.  It is kid-proof.  So far, our Innotab 2 has been dropped, spit on (no kidding), chewed on, and left outside (which I don't recommend.)  It survived, and the screen has been surprisingly resilient (it doesn't scratch as easily as a "real" tablet.)

One child is always playing with the Innotab 2, although it is usually my 2 or 5-year-old.  The older kids (ages 7-9) have a thirst for more challenging apps and games, although, my 9-year-old does like the ebooks.

While no child who has used a grown-up "tablet" will think that the Innotab 2 is exactly like a tablet, it will help them learn and pass the time at home or in a car.  There are so many more feature to this "toy" than any other tablet toy I've seen, and parents will appreciate how quickly it is to set up and start using (especially if you have other VTech toys that use the same kind of software.)

You can learn more about this pretty innovative toy at the VTech website.  

*I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for VTech. I received product samples to facilitate my review.