Save Money Shopping Via The Ultimate Outlet

I don't often shop for clothes, but, when I do, I never pay full price.  I also don't like to sacrifice, on quality, however, so finding brands that I adore at prices I love more is always a challenge.

One way I get around the difficulties is to shop via outlet stores; the problem with this, however, is that I live over 70 miles from the nearest outlet mall!  I recently came across The Ultimate Outlet, which is literally an online outlet mall.  Brands available at the site include Jeanology, Newport News, and Shape fx - all for much less than catalog pricing.

One of the cutest things I found at the site was this Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater (scarf included) for just $19.

Since the original list price is $64, you can see how it's possible to save big money on a complete wardrobe! This is just one example that I found at the website, but styles sell out fast and are changing all the time.  I should also mention that some of the best deals (like the sweater above) are found in the "Warehouse Sale" section of the website; savings for these items, while limited in stock, are up to 65% off retail!

If you are looking to freshen up your fall look, or even get a jump-start on next year (they currently have a selection of swimsuits available), you might want to check out this "virtual" outlet mall that won't require you to fill up your gas tank or take a day off to get your shopping done.

Do you frequent outlet stores? Will you shop as many now that gas prices have gone up?

*This post was brought to you by The Ultimate Outlet.