Wait a Minute.. You're not Done with Back to School Shopping.

Just when you thought that you were completely finished with all that "back to school" shopping nonsense, you're likely finding that you are still picking up items for the new year.  At my house, we had no sooner stored all the supplies in our closet, than I realized one child grew a bit since we shopped (*sigh*) and we had to pick up new gear for my daughter's volleyball matches.

Since the most affordable part of back-to-school shopping is usually the list of things you knew were coming (like the 10 cent pencils), many families find that the last-minute expenditures are too pricey for their budget -- but they have to buy anyway.

NoMoreRack.com is a site that I found to be helpful in snagging great deals on all those "I wouldn't have thought of that" purchases.  In our case, it included a new guitar for my daughter who needs to take lessons this year.  NoMoreRack.com has solid prices on everything from electronics (think a wireless mouse or laptop cooling pad), clothing, dorm decor, and more!  And yes, it even had a sale on Fender guitars, which was perfect timing for our musical needs.

Unlike traditional shopping sites, you don't always know what's on sale ahead of time, so it's wise to check back daily.  Their daily emails will fill you in on new finds, and if you want a deal, I'd jump on it!  (The deals are not only limited in time, there are sometimes only a handful of each item.)  We ordered the Fender guitar and a charging station for our Wii remotes, both shipped, for under $110 (the guitar alone was worth more than that.)

Items ship for just $2 each -- even the bulky guitar!  We had our order within 8 days, although shipping times may take up to 3 weeks.

Deals go live each day at 12pm EST.  Be sure to check out all they have to offer before you pay full price at a retail store or online!

Wanna Save?  Get $10 when you make your first purchase!

*Shopping credit received to review services.  Opinions are 100% my own.