5 Tips for Making Trampolines more Fun (and Safe)

This guest post is brought to you by our friends at Big Game Hunters.

I remember telling my children that we would never, ever get a trampoline.  I had visions of my kids falling, breaking limbs, or bumping into one another.  After we got our first small trampoline, however, I changed my views a little.  I took time to educate myself, and I learned about all the available trampoline accessories that can make their adventure better!

Here are 5 tips for keeping your kids' trampoline time the best ever:

1.  Consider enclosures.  Most kids are not that coordinated, especially at a young age.  Trampoline safety nets and enclosures keep them where they belong -- on the trampoline-- and help to prevent falls from the edge of the trampoline.

2.  Help little ones up.  Getting on to a trampoline can be frustrating, especially for shorter kids.  I was surprised to hear that there were ladders made especially to be used with trampolines!

3.  Keep a careful eye.  Kids really shouldn't be using the trampoline unsupervised.  Make sure they understand the rules for their particular trampoline model, and don't let them play without a grown up watching.

4.  Add padding.  Some trampolines have inadequate padding, or the padding may weaken over time.  Buying a separate trampoline pad can make for a much softer landing!

5.  Skip the shoes.  Wearing shoes on a trampoline is dangerous; I recommend making it easier to remove shoes by placing a container next to the trampoline for kids to place them in.  There are also shoe bags that attach to the side of the trampoline to keep them from getting lost (or to keep the dog from getting them!)

Do you have any special rules or tips for making your trampoline time awesome?  As always, we recommend following the manufacturer's instructions for the best experience.  Happy jumping!