Book Review: The Black Shard by Victoria Simcox

My daughter so loved helping with the review of The Magic Warble by Victoria Simcox that she begged me for a review copy of the sequel: The Black Shard.  The author agreed, and my daughter devoured the book any spare chance she had.  Upon finishing the book, she came to me, teary eyed and said that it was an amazing book.  (I believe the kids might say it was "epic.")

Here is the personal review that my 14-year-old daughter wrote of the book, so you can see just what she loved about it:
The Sequel to the "The Magic Warble" had me thinking hard for the entire book, and at the end, had me on the edge of my chair. Victoria Simcox did an amazing job with all the elements in this book; from intensity to romance, mystery to comical, this book had it all. By having all of the old characters and some new ones, I was really looking forward to reading the sequel. But, trust me, for all you out there that have read "The Magic Warble" and thought that they knew everything that there was to know about Kristina and Werrien (the two main characters), think again. 
The book starts off by telling you how Kristina got back to Bernovem and met up with her good friend, Werrien. Then, it took a turn when weird things begin to change and go wrong.  (The things that change however, are small, and are not things you would usually pay attention to while reading. That's where you go wrong, however, as the things begin to affect the characters, and it surprises you in a way like you wouldn't believe.)
The intensity and mystery build up for most of the book, and it has you thinking and wondering "When is something bad going to happen?" Then at the end of the book, literally at the end, the last two chapters, everything falls apart and then comes back together. She left just enough room though for a third book, which I would very much enjoy! I greatly recommend that if you haven't already started reading this series, that you do. Victoria Simcox did an amazing job with this one, and, if even possible, she has improved very much from that last one. I believe that Simcox could and probably will be a very successful writer.
So, there you have it: a review from a teen who loves reading.  As a little context, my daughter loves reading books like The Hobbit and the Percy Jackson series.  This fit right in with her genre, and also challenged her by providing some literary twists she wasn't expecting.

You can find this book at Amazon for under $14, and it will provide days of engaging, enchanting fun!  Read more about the book at the official website or on Facebook!

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 *Review copy received.  Opinions are our own.