Cesar Meaty Selects and My Dogs....

My dogs are VERY important to my family -- especially to my kids. Just take a look at a typical fall afternoon here on the Knerl Farm to see what I'm talking about. My kids decided to camp out on our mattress the day we set it outside to make room for the new one. Our dog had to get in on the action:

We've been using a combination of wet and dry food for dogs with both my giant Pyrenees and my little Rat Terrier. It helps them to take interest in their food, and it also gives them something to look forward to at meal times. (Sometimes, my bigger dog doesn't want to stop playing at the far end of our farm property, and the meal times are a way to get him home to make sure he's doing OK.)

Cesar's Meaty Selects has been the wet portion of my dog's meals for a few week's now, and the larger 10 oz. containers were very much appreciated by this dog owner. The large dog eats the whole thing at one time with his bowl of dry kibble; the small dog can eat just a portion at a time before we store the food away in its resealable container!

The Meaty Selects come in four "flavors": porterhouse, filet mignon, beef, and chicken. My dogs don't really care what variety they are eating. They just eat it up in seconds -- I'm not even sure they are tasting it! Even when times are a bit tough (and feeding my 125+pound pooch is expensive), I strive to give them the best dog food for my money, and I love that I can "mix it up" with the different kinds of Meaty Selects available.

Learn more about the new Meaty Selects varieties of food for small dogs (and as a treat for bigger dogs) at the Cesar website and Facebook page!

*I wrote this review while participating in an ambassador program by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Cesar and received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.