DIY: Easy Holiday Photo Wreath Craft

Make this beautiful, personalized photo wreath with photos you can pick up in an hour! It's perfect for last-minute gifting.

Even if you don't know your way around a glue gun, this Holiday Photo Wreath craft is pretty simple. I put it together in less than 40 minutes.  The most time-consuming task is uploading, designing, and ordering your photo cards (but this took less than 15 minutes). 

To make this, you will need:
  • (3) rolls of red/white checkered ribbon 
  • (1) wire wreath or holiday evergreen wreath 
  • (1) roll green floral wire 
  • (15) holiday photo cards 
  • (1) glue gun and glue stick Instructions

1. Use three rolls of red checkered ribbon to create a bow. Start by using 20 inches of ribbon and crossing the ribbon over itself in a figure-eight pattern before securing with a small piece of floral wire. Repeat three times to make three small bows. Layer the three bows, one on top of the other, to make one large bow, and then wrap the entire bow once more down the middle with another small piece of floral wire. Arrange the loops of the bow evenly, and so that no wire is showing (use hot glue, if needed, to keep loops in place.)

2.  Measure out 40” of ribbon and trim the edges in a “v” shape to prevent fraying.

3.  Attach the bow to the wreath frame, securing it in place with floral wire. Secure the 40” ribbon length on the back side of the wreath so that it appears to be coming out from under the bow. The ribbon should be placed so that the ends hang down into an upside down V.

4. Take one greeting card and glue to the wreath frame, covering the ribbon tail.

5.  Continue to place the greeting cards in a clockwise position around the frame and making sure the cards overlap.

6.  Once  the  wreath frame  is  completely  covered  with  greeting  cards,  fasten  extra tree leaves (clipped from the underside of the wreath) under the edges of the cards with hot glue so that they stick out in the bare spaces underneath the greeting cards. (There should be no holes or gaps not covered by a card or leaves.)

Voila!  You're done!  You now have a beautiful decoration for Christmas or Hanukkah!

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