DIY Pineapple Tree Kids Recipe Activity

Looking for a fun way to display fruit for a party or gathering?  Why not enlist the kids to help decorate this pineapple "tree"?  

Made from Del Monte Fresh Pineapple (available at Walmart), it takes less than a half hour -- and the kids have lots of fun helping!

You will need:
  • One large Del Monte Fresh Pineapple (look for fresh, green tops)
  • Assorted cut up fruit (strawberries, whole grapes, etc.)
  • Toothpicks
  • Knife for cutting
To begin, take a sharp knife and carefully remove the outside shell of the pineapple.  I do this by starting with one side (going lengthwise) and make additional cuts all the way around.

Now, you'll cut away the fruity from the harder inner core.  I start by scoring marks along the fruit, and scooping it away with my knife (like a canoe!)

Stand the pineapple up, and start inserting toothpicks, 4-5 in a line down each side of the pineapple.  You should have picks put in every inch or so.

Make sure you have plenty of washed and cut up fruit for the next part! (Including all that pineapple you cut from the core.)

Now, you can let the kids help!  They can stick pieces of fruit on each pick; some will need more than one piece to cover the entire pick.  Let them be creative with how they do it.  This is their project!

You can help the kids by filling in any gaps and adding toothpicks, as needed.  When done, enjoy!

Intimidated by the thought of cutting a pineapple?  Try this simple method, instead:

Here are a few more facts about the yummy pineapple:
 In 1996, after 10 years of research and careful selection, Del Monte Fresh Produce was the first company to introduce a new Gold variety of pineapple, and it instantly became a hit! A good source of vitamin C and manganese Del Monte’s Gold® Extra Sweet variety has up to four times more vitamin C than traditional varieties The pineapple fruit has vitamins, minerals, fiber, and enzymes that are good for the digestive system and help in maintaining an ideal weight and balanced nutrition.
You can find these pineapples for under $3 (sometimes, on sale for as low as $1.68) at your local Walmart.

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