How to Carve a Pumpkin (Easy!)

I put off doing my pumpkins every year.  The mess, the fuss... you can pretty much have it!  When Walmart challenged the Walmart Mom Bloggers to create a pumpkin with some of the kits they carry in stores, I was dreading it.  But it was amazingly simple with the Pumpkin Masters Carving Party kit I chose!

To do this project, you'll need one large pumpkin, a carving kit with included patterns, a container for all the gunk, and some baby wipes!  Start by making sure your pumpkin is clean and dry (that's what the baby wipes are for.)

Cut out a hole at the bottom of the pumpkin with the included tool.  You'll need it to be big enough to take out the goo.  (Your hand and a scraping tool should fit inside.)

Remove the insides! Save the seeds for baking later.

Then, cut out your pattern and tape it to the pumpkin.  You may have to fold over places on the paper to make it fit tightly to the pumpkin's round shape.

Depending on the pattern, you will either poke holes with the included tool where you'll cut your pumpkin, or you will use the included wax crayon to color over the holes to leave a pattern behind.

Remove the pattern when it is completely traced.

Now, it's time to cut!  With the pumpkin in your lap, start using the largest cutting tool to cut out the shapes you traced on your pumpkin.  Use the smaller cutting tools to refine edges.  (You may find it easier to push the pieces out from the inside of the pumpkin, if they get a little stuck.)

After you've cut everything, you can clean up your pumpkin with some baby wipes, making sure to pull out any strings that may be hanging down inside the pumpkin (unless you think they make your pumpkin more spooky!)  You are now ready to display after dark!

(Someone is very possessive of the pumpkin!)

Will you use a pumpkin carving kit this year?  If so, stop by your local Walmart.  They have a wide selection of pumpkins and tools to choose from!

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