Our FoodSaver $aver Sunday Party!

I hosted a $aver Sunday party to help get some yummy ingredients put away before the winter came and to help share ideas for making the school year more affordable. We sealed a variety of items, but the most impressive was the bunches upon bunches of "antique" bananas that we got for $.19 a pound at the local grocer. Instead of allowing them to get overripe and inedible, I showed others how to cut custom-sized bags from the FoodSaver bag rolls and seal up enough bananas in each bag for a batch of super moist banana bread. You can even squish them up before sealing them to make it easier when it comes time to bake. Then we threw them into the freezer for a baking day! 

On average, it's possible to make a typical banana bread recipe (which is a hit during the school bake sale season) for under $.50 a loaf, instead of $.75 - $1.00 a loaf!

I've been personally using the FoodSaver system since I first reviewed it a year ago.  We have had significantly less food waste (I have only had one bag not seal right in all that time), and we have saved freezer space, too!

Looking to buy a FoodSaver?  They are currently available at Walmart, and I can say that my food storage, gardening, and batch cooking routine is much more effective with mine in use. Calculate how much you could save with a FoodSaver, and be sure to look for ways to save money when you buy the machine and accessories; the Biggest $aver Campaign on Facebook gives you new ways to cut costs every 2 weeks!

*Hostess gifts received to host a party a share my experiences.  Opinions are 100% my own.